Deborah Blake

An American Musical Journey


Deborah’s song selection covers rock, blues, country and jazz all her music is delivered with an edgy, soulful blues influence, creating a style and uniqueness people identify as her own. Beginning in 2006 Deborah began working on her songwriting and has teamed up with and a number of other artists - including some as far away as Australia - to work on original tunes to express her experience and influences resulting in some fun and soulful tunes.

Deborah is a native of San Diego California. Born with a love of music and having a working musician as her father she grew up spending a good deal of time with many local musicians, some who became mentors and offered varying degrees of influence. As an avid music collector Deborah's influences cover many genres including classic country; electric, British and progressive blues; "ole school" rock n roll from the 60 & 70's including R&B, folk, southern and classic rock. After honing her own vocal and interpretational skills she began sitting in on the local San Diego scene and never looked back. In 1983 she moved to LA, and formed the band "Chastity" with a few women including LA based singer songwriter, Holly Light and the ladies booked a 6-month gig in Alaska playing blues, southern and country rock and rockabilly. After returning to the lower 48, Deborah re-acquainted herself with the SD music scene and in 1998 formed and fronted Zero Gravity a classic rock and blues band. With Deborah's leadership and persistence Zero Gravity has managed to "raise above" the challenges to keep the music and band alive in varying configurations. Not an easy task but on the positive side of the evolution and the inevitable changes in the supporting members is the resulting musical growth and experience that helped develop a full spectrum band and Deborah's own unique vocal style. The opportunity to meet and play with so many talented musicians has resulted in a large network of awesome veteran players who continue to interchange and broaden the scope of Zero Gravity allowing the band to work in various arrangements from as small as an acoustic duet to a full 10 piece band.


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